Performance Audit Group

Auditing, monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Operating Companies contracted to manage and maintain Scotland’s trunk roads. 

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About the Performance Audit Group


The Performance Audit Group (PAG) contract provides services to audit, monitor and report on the performance of the Operating Companies contracted to manage and maintain Scotland’s trunk roads. This covers all areas of Operating Company delivery including all cyclic and routine maintenance as well as winter and emergency response services. Delivering value for road users and taxpayers is at the heart of our approach in delivering the PAG service and we are extremely proud to be supporting Transport Scotland on this key service. We continue to work closely with Transport Scotland and the Operating Companies to raise standards and provide a safe and reliable network. Our collective focus is to deliver:


Quality of Service for Trunk Road Customers


Enhancement & Improvement

Asset Enhancement and Continuous Improvement of Service


Value for Money and collectively deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders


Our approach to the commission is driving improvements through collaboration, independent constructive challenge and continuous improvement with the focus on outcomes being at the forefront of all decisions. A key deliverable in the PAG contract is our annual report which summarises the audit and monitoring activity carried out by the PAG multi-disciplinary team throughout the year.


Our jurisdiction is mainland Scotland, please click on our operator links on the graphic to go to their website


We release an annual report on the PAG activities and progress, please find the latest edition and all previous editions in the archive

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